• Laurie Small Wallet
  • Laurie Small Wallet
  • Laurie Small Wallet
  • Laurie Small Wallet
Laurie Small Wallet


A wallet for just your credit cards! Lined with Blumera signature magenta lining.  

This wallet is part of our "vegan" line, which, uses no animal skins or products. 


 4.25”H x 3.25”L x .6”W

The Story

Inspired by the gardens, exotic roses, and sweet nightingales in Laurie Blum’s painting, “Rose and the Nightingale,” Mehera ventured into unchartered territory for Blumera’s SS16 Collection. Careful attention is given to replicate the artist’s painting. Printed on 100 percent cotton linen canvas the prints are fitted with handcrafted metal carvings.

Mehera put her heart and soul into this collection, “I dedicate this collection to my mother: my best friend, my creative soundboard and collaborator, my twin flame. I love my mother with all my heart, and it was my constant focus to do justice to her painting and create something that she would celebrate and love.”

This collection is for all mothers and daughters and for all great souls who dance in love in the garden of paradise.

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