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Biography - Mehera Blum

Mehera Blum, BlumeraDesigner and actress Mehera Blum is a creator, and it is through this magic of creation that she produces the beauty manifested in her eponymous brand Blumera. Her haute handbags, jewelry, shoes, ready-to-wear, and couture are coveted items with a fan following that includes Hollywood elite Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Yoko Ono, Uzo Aduba, Kesha, and Katy Perry.  Fashion editors worldwide have recognized Blumera with features in WWD, Vogue India, Life and Style, InStyle, L’official, People, Los Angeles Times, and Hollywood Reporter. Yet while the world appreciates her creations as runway material, the essential nature of her company is about creativity, serendipity, and, in Blum’s words, “divine design.”

Blum’s company, which was coined as a blend of her first and last names (with “Mehera” meaning “love/coming from love” in Persian), was born of the combination of particular circumstances and inner impulses that drive Blum’s life. 

Blum began her career as an actress, earning a BFA from Boston University and studying at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.  She started landing roles, including an appearance on Dawson’s Creek, even before graduating college.  With agents in both New York and Los Angeles and roles on Guiding Light as well as Big Momma’s House II, Blum was well on her way to a very different kind of stardom.  It was a rare and life-threatening illness – and her response to it – that opened a new path.

In 2004, in the midst of a busy acting schedule, Blum began experiencing symptoms and was diagnosed with mercury poisoning. As an individual who had always sought growth and renewal in international locales, Blum traveled to Bali to recuperate.

This setback became the impetus for Blum’s career shift; however, the seeds for Blumera were planted much earlier.  From a very young age, Blum had a passion for international travel, an eye for design, and a desire to find a connection between inner peace and authentic beauty.  Her spirituality is rooted in the teachings of spiritual master Meher Baba; in fact, she is named after Baba’s closest disciple, Mehera Irani.   At age seven, Blum traveled with her mother to India to meet her namesake. She would return to India multiple times throughout her life, and, as a result of her repeated exposure to the culture, Blum says, “My thinking has evolved – my sight, the way I see color, texture.  India is so vibrant that I think being there affected me a lot.”  Now Blum travels the world creating collections inspired by each locale and its people, resources, and skills.

While Blum’s products reside along the red carpet, the foundation of her company and her life philosophy involve more fundamental principles. Everything Blum creates is designed to be functional, authentic, durable and substantial. She focuses on the innate resources and skills of a land and its people, considering traditions that have been followed and passed down for generations. Her inspiration is rooted in the relationships she cultivates through travel, and those experiences are reflected in her design.

Those familiar with Blum and her company have noted that her creations involve much more than physical beauty. Clients commonly recognize Blum’s signature essence, traces of her heart and soul, incorporated into her work through the products’ color, design, and hand-work. Through the years, clients have sought her out to personally convey how they value her bags, her clothing, and her jewelry because the pieces offer the wearer a spiritual lift.

Over the past decade, as her products have popped up in celebrity environments and appeared in posh boutiques and department stores worldwide, including exclusives for Fortnum and Mason in London, Blum has continued to seek out and create beauty in both a physical and a spiritual sense. Just as her collections convey beauty, so do her relationships with people. Blum is equally comfortable on the sewing floor, in the field, or at the table of royalty, and the connections she makes in her travel and in her work allow her to spread that beauty worldwide.