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Impeccably handcrafted by the world’s greatest artisans fusing exotic materials with Blumera’s signature lining, and finished with hand-carved hardware made from metal, stone, and other natural materials.

Each Blumera piece is infused with Love, from the inception of the design to the careful craftsmanship, each  bag has a medallion engraved with a quote to uplift the wearer. As Mehera says, “The bags and the quotes carried on the bags are of a higher vibration and everyone you come into contact with unknowingly receives a boost of this higher vibration."

Each Blumera piece is named after a special soul that has touched and inspired Mehera. Mehera’s journey through life and around the world has literally shaped each piece she creates.  A story of magic, love, growth, and discovery sits at the soul of each creation.

Made in Los Angeles with special exotic materials imported from across the globe. Limited edition - capsule collections -are made in foreign locales where the pieces are inspired and the special skills of that culture are utilized. It is Mehera’s vision to design beautiful incredible pieces in locations worldwide utilizing the ancient innate skills of the local artisans.  True to Mehera’s heart a portion of the sales benefit these artisans, their families, and their local communities. 

Gold, Silver, and Stone Carvings

Pure Silver, Golden Brass, and Stone are sculpted by hand to make all the Blumera hardware: The flower cut zipper-pull, the flower carved medallion bearing an inspirational quote of Love, the chain bracelet that turns revealing an engraved secret fortune, and all pieces bearing the Blumera name, are handcrafted pieces of jewelry.

Blumera's Signature Lining

Pure silk, suede, or other natural materials are carefully chosen to line the interior of the bags. The fabric is dyed to the color of a magenta bougainvillea flower, and then screened in gold from hand cut pieces of the Blumera insignia.

Exotic Materials

Rich, soft, vibrant, and luxurious materials are used to construct Blumera bags. Each collection is made from an extraordinary material such as embroidered fabrics replicating painter Laurie Blum’s (Mehera’s mother) vivacious birds, flowers, and wildlife, hand-beaded silks, and hand-cut leathers that have been tasseled, tooled, and braided.