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Blumera’s one-of-a-kind collections are impeccably hand-carved, hand-embroidered, and hand-crafted by the world’s greatest artisans.  

Inspired by her late mother's paintings, Mehera recreates the paintings in reimagined ways through hand-crafting wood, brass, embroidery, and other materials.

Each Blumera piece is infused with Love, from the inception of the design to the careful craftsmanship, each  bag has a medallion engraved with a quote to uplift the wearer. As Mehera says, “The bags and the quotes carried on the bags are of a higher vibration and everyone you come into contact with unknowingly receives a boost of this higher vibration."

Each Blumera collection is named after a special soul or artwork that has touched and inspired Mehera. Mehera’s journey through life and around the world has literally shaped each piece she creates. A story of magic, love, growth, and discovery sits at the soul of each creation.

Mehera travels to a new locale for each collection allowing the flavor, scent, and beauty of the place to inspire her design. Harmoniously fusing the ancient skills past down from generation to generation of her incredible artisans with her unique design and point of view, Mehera designs collections that are one-of-a-kind works of wearable art. True to Mehera’s heart a portion of the sales benefit these artisans, their families, and their local communities.