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Introducing Conference of the Birds Wood and Brass Collections

Hand-carved wood and brass sculpted into functional wearable works-of-art. 

The wooden clutches are left unpainted, so the natural tones of the wood are visible, creating an item that appears to hover between an antique work of art and modern accessory. The result is a creative fusion of innovation.

Devorah Lauter

Meet The Millennial Entrepreneurs Slaying The eCommerce Game: Mehera Blum of Blumera. Blumera is fortunate to have repeat loyal customers who become more than just shoppers of our brand; they actually become collectors of our pieces.

Kate Talbot

Inspired by founder Mehera Blum's travels to different countries, Blumera contains, within each collection, elements of the locations' indigenous handiwork and craftsmanship. "Every country I go to informs my designs in some way.

Pahull Bains

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