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Mehera Blum of Blumera

Mehera Blum is the founder and creative director of Blumera, created with the intent of designing luxuriously exquisite, high-vibratory, uplifting collections while utilizing unexpected natural sustainable materials such as recycled brass and up-cycled wood. Mehera is heavily influenced by her extensive travels from a young age that introduced her to a myriad of cultures and the beauty of the world, which she continually seeks to express in new and unimagined ways. She is also inspired by her late mother, world-renowned painter Laurie Blum, and in the years since her mother’s passing has reimagined her mother’s paintings into new creations. Mehera intimates that the relationship between her and her mother has found a new life and through it Mehera has gained access to a divine realm of creation.


With a great passion for keeping the ancient art of hand-craft alive and always seeking to be in harmony with the earth, Blumera’s collections are made-to-order and comprised of hand-carved wood and brass, hand-embroidered threads, and other unusual extraordinary fusions of sustainable materials and designs.


Mehera started her career as an actress with a BFA from Boston University, studying also at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She went on to appear in theater, movies, and television. Mehera, ever the creator, explores the expression of characters, designs, collections, stories, and life itself, as different vehicles in an effort to experience, discover, and manifest her inner world.


Blumera has been featured extensively in publications including British Vogue, Vogue India, WWD, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, on the red carpet, and in the hands of tastemakers globally.