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Blumera creations are meticulously made by hand and require laborious craftsmanship. We honor and respect our craftswomen and men who are artists. They work mindfully, methodically, and from the heart and we do not rush the process. When you are ordering a Blumera creation, we ask you to respect the process and understand the detail, heart, and love going into your special creation.

Each creation takes a different amount of time to be made. To inquire about the timeline for crafting a specific piece(s), please contact us.

In the cases where we have stock, those items will be shipped immediately. 

If the Blumera creation you are ordering is a gift and you need the gift before the estimated delivery date, then we will make you a beautiful personal package detailing what your loved one will be receiving. We will convey how the special creation is being made for them in particular. This is the ultimate personal gift made with love. Please contact us with specifics including your loved one's name, your name, and any additional note you would like added.