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The Blumera Ethos

Blumera is built on the ethos of LOVE which flows through every facet, stitch, etching, carving, and design of the brand. This is the soul of Blumera, and from which our sustainability practices spring from.

Mehera and Mangku

On Demand and Custom-Made

We don’t believe in waste, overproduction, or fast fashion. We make small batches of handmade collectables and in many instances, we custom-make specifically for each client. Our creations are made with intention, resulting in uplifting wearable usable art. We believe in making high-vibratory collections that will be treasured for generations to come.

Green & Clean

At Blumera we are conscious of the trail we leave behind and though it is virtually impossible as humans to not leave a footprint, we are committed to learning and improving in all ways so that we can be as kind to our beautiful planet as possible. For our collections we upcycle our wood and recycle our brass so as not to burden the natural resources of our planet. We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and use unexpected beautiful natural materials that do no harm but instead spread love, beauty, and positivity.

High Quality & Timeless Design

Our pieces are labor-intensive and require the unique skills of many different artisans. In a world where machines are taking over, we celebrate the beauty and heart of creating hand-crafted pieces. We believe in preserving the sacred art of hand-craft and the heart and humanity that goes in to it.

The designs are conceived by our creative director Mehera Blum. She works side-by-side with our artisanal team to create the one-of-a kind masterpieces that are Blumera. She doesn't design according to trends. She designs from love and inspiration by tapping into the higher realm of beauty. Blumera is a co-creation from the divine resulting in high vibratory collections.

Fair & Ethical

The Blumera team of artisans are our family. They set their own wages, work schedule, and work from the comfort of their home (or temple, as is the case with our carver and Balinese Priest, Pak Mangku). We delight in seeing the positive impact that Blumera has made on our team. Due to our positive system of working, our team has been able to build their own dream homes and work spaces. We believe that intention is paramount and that what goes into our creations is what comes out. We design, create, and deliver with love, integrity, and heart.

Repair, Redesign, & Upcycle

Our wood is upcycled. This means that when a furniture or large building project is done there are many beautiful cuts of wood that would be normally left for waste. Instead, Blumera takes these cuts and reimagines them to make one-of-a-kind soul-stirring pieces of wearable art.

Our brass is recycled: Fragments of copper and brass are recycled to make new brass. This process can be done many times over, using considerably less energy and without disrupting the innate composition of the metal, thus making brass highly sustainable.

We stand by our creations 100% and repair anything should that need arise. Why do we do this? Beyond the obviously sustainable reasons, we do it for the ultimate sustainable reason: our creations are our babies and we want them in their highest vibratory energy and most beautiful state. Our intention is to deliver and create the highest quality works-of-art that last a lifetime.

Passed Down Generation to Generation

Blumera pieces are designed to be passed down from generation to generation. Many of our clients rejoice in telling us how they are keeping their Blumera collections for their children and we delight in the celebration of our pieces radiating with love for generations to come. We are creating for a lifetime and beyond.



Blumera is a co-creation from and in the higher realm of beauty, resulting in high vibratory collections.