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The Blumera Conference of the Birds Wood Carved Collection is carved by the very best carver in Bali. Though there are 1000s of carvers on the island, there is only one who can achieve the caliber of carving that is the gold standard of Blumera.

The Conference of the Birds Collection brings to life the flight of the birds on their spiritual journey to find the mythical Bird of God: The Simurgh. This collection is in homage to Mehera's late mother, who painted the painting that this collection is inspired by.

Because of Mehera’s unwavering dedication to maintain the integrity of her mother’s lines and brushstrokes, she prints a copy of the painting, selecting and affixing the flowers and birds to the wood, and has Blumera’s magical Mangku (Balinese High Priest) carve directly into her mother’s lines creating the illustrious collection.

The Blumera carver splits his time between blessing the local community with ceremonies and carving for Blumera in the temple in his home.

Mehera and Pak Mangku share a special bond, and it is through this connection that the artistry of this collection is manifested.

The laborious process that your unique creation will undergo:

Day 1: We will choose the perfect cut of wood for you.
Day 2-5: Over the next three days, our master wood cutter Pak Ketut, will hand-cut the wood pieces into the shape you have selected
Day: 6-20: Depending on the design you have selected, from Mehera’s late mother’s painting, Pak Mangku will being carving your special one-of-a-kind piece. This can take anywhere from 5 days for the smaller designs to 14 days for the largest.
Day 20-27: After carving the creation, your wood will be sent to the kiln where it is dried. This ensures that once it is delivered to you, the wood will be strong for a lifetime to come.
Day 28-40: Now we hand-smooth the wood to perfection, and install a hidden handmade hinge, magnets, nameplate with quote of love, and lining.
Day 40-42: Final finishing where we smooth again and apply conditioning wax to the wood. 
Day 42-50: Your finished piece is now en route to our headquarters in Los Angeles where it will have final checking and blessings from Mehera and the Blumera Team.
Day 50-52: We will FedEx 2-Day Express your handcrafted creation into your loving arms. Shipping is complimentary. 


*please note these are business days, so please add days for weekends and holidays

In some instances, we have a pieces in stock, and if so, we can ship immediately.

Make sure we have your email address so that we can send you videos and photos of your bag being created for you.

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