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Wood Carved Clutch - Sustainable Jackfruit Wood

 Eighty hours and four artisans are lovingly dedicated to the meticulous creation of each clutch. Sonokeeling, an exotic luxurious wood from the Indian Rosewood family, is carefully selected, dried and heated. Next the wood is sent to the master box-crafter, who precisely cuts the wood by hand, buffing and polishing into dynamic three-dimensional shapes. 

Once perfect, a Balinese Mangku, a spiritually gifted magical high priest who has been given special artistic powers, carves the wood using flat-tooled sticks dating back to ancient times.

Because of Mehera’s unwavering dedication to maintaining the integrity of her mother’s lines and brushstrokes, she prints a copy of the painting, selects which sections of flowers and birds she will bring to life on the clutch, affixes it to the wood, and has the magical Mangku carve directly into her mother’s lines. 

Once the intense and inspired work is finished the clutch is sent for finishing where luxurious suedes and velvets line the interior and gloss, shine, and color protect the exterior to create illustrious hand-held works of art. Finally, each clutch is blessed with Love and abundance of all that is joyful and real, so that we may all be transported to the true Garden of Paradise within. 

Dimensions: 7 in x 2.5 in x 4 in

Wood Carved Clutch - Sustainable Jackfruit Wood - Blumera
Wood Carved Clutch - Sustainable Jackfruit Wood - Blumera
When I purchased a Blumera creation, I did not expect that I would feel so moved by it as I do with my favorite paintings. These are beautiful works of art, with each piece telling a story that I became part of. The beauty and attention to detail is of course present, but there is also something transformative and inspiring - sacred, even - about their creation. I greatly value things that matter. Blumera crafts timeless, classic, and exquisitely beautiful pieces that do just that.

Tammy P.

STUNNING ~ how beautiful ~ game-changer on how one views the concept of a clutch, handbag, purse.. not just an object of convenience or a pretty accessory but an extension of one’s inner creativity and magic ~ Transforms the way we ‘protect’ all of the sensitive items such as identification. LOVE THIS

Eve M.

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