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Quite often I call out to my mom: “where are you?” Looking for her in the world hasn’t yielded me much internal fulfillment. What fills me inside are dreams, visions, and even the dream that my sister, Shireen, had. In all of these, my mother is smiling her beautiful huge smile and there is a permeation of bliss. It’s a unique bliss – it’s my mother’s bliss. And when I am in this state all sadness disappears, and I am united with her in her bliss.

And so it is a discipline for me to RISE to this place with her. I have to remind myself not to try to bring her down to my level. My human level is limited. Limited by my mind, limited by my body, limited by the world. Why would she dwell in this limited world when she is free in the world beyond? My love for her and her love for me invites me to this realm. This is, truly, where we meet. This is where she waits for me eternally present. We are all invited to the realm of freedom, and of bliss, beyond this world, and through LOVE we can access it.

My mother wrote a book: “Language of the Birds. It Is All The Mirror of God.” My brother and I have yet to have it published but we have every intention to per my mother's wishes. She used to recite from memory, with her eyes closed, quite often the invocation from her book. I always found it exquisitely eloquent and beautiful but didn’t take a lot of time to ponder its deeper meaning. However her words kept finding me right after she passed as though she had written them long ago to give me this message, one of the truest messages of all. In fact, she was given these words in her sleep. She entered this deep realm and would write them down with her eyes still closed.

Two weeks after she was freed from her body, I flew to Mexico with my father. On the plane I fell asleep, and when I came back to my body from this deep sleep I was conscious of both my dream state and my body – as though I was in between two worlds, conscious of both. I had entered a state of bliss and I was with my mom and we were embraced in love. It was so blissful and joyous. And yet I was conscious of being on the plane and in my physical body. I then thought of my mom’s words and realized that it is in this state that we meet each other:

Wow, I just googled "what is an invocation?" to see if there was a meaning beyond what I knew of. And was pleasantly surprised by the result: "The action of invoking something or someone for assistance or as an authority." & "The summoning of a deity or the supernatural."

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  • your mother must be so proud of you, what a testament you are to her creative, beautiful spirit!

    radhabai on

  • Having returned from your wonderful trunk show, and having mailed the bag I bought for daughter Anna’s birthday, and only after all that, reading this beautiful sharing, my heart is thrilled. I agree with Andrea: Thank you Mehera.

    Addie on

  • Very beautiful sharing Mehera. Thank you.

    Andrea Winzimer on

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When I purchased a Blumera creation, I did not expect that I would feel so moved by it as I do with my favorite paintings. These are beautiful works of art, with each piece telling a story that I became part of. The beauty and attention to detail is of course present, but there is also something transformative and inspiring - sacred, even - about their creation. I greatly value things that matter. Blumera crafts timeless, classic, and exquisitely beautiful pieces that do just that.

Tammy P.

STUNNING ~ how beautiful ~ game-changer on how one views the concept of a clutch, handbag, purse.. not just an object of convenience or a pretty accessory but an extension of one’s inner creativity and magic ~ Transforms the way we ‘protect’ all of the sensitive items such as identification. LOVE THIS

Eve M.

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