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Lapis Lazuli Stone Beaded Necklace

The Lapis Lazuli stone is traditionally associated with royalty.


Wear this stone to:

  • connect with the ethereal realm and celestial spirits
  • enhance your intuitive and psychic connection
  • clear the mind in order to write freely from the heart
  • manifest 
  • be protected and heal in all realms: physical, psychic, energetic, and environmental 
  • aid in communication, clearing the mind so that you may effortlessly speak from the heart 
Lapis Azuli Stone Beaded Necklace - Blumera
Lapis Azuli Stone Beaded Necklace - Blumera
When I purchased a Blumera creation, I did not expect that I would feel so moved by it as I do with my favorite paintings. These are beautiful works of art, with each piece telling a story that I became part of. The beauty and attention to detail is of course present, but there is also something transformative and inspiring - sacred, even - about their creation. I greatly value things that matter. Blumera crafts timeless, classic, and exquisitely beautiful pieces that do just that.

Tammy P.

STUNNING ~ how beautiful ~ game-changer on how one views the concept of a clutch, handbag, purse.. not just an object of convenience or a pretty accessory but an extension of one’s inner creativity and magic ~ Transforms the way we ‘protect’ all of the sensitive items such as identification. LOVE THIS

Eve M.

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