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Fire Agate Stone Beaded Necklace

$185.00 $80.00

Fire Agate is a fiery stone which vibrates on a higher frequency igniting your spirit and heart, while grounding you and creating a shield of psychic protection.

Wear this stone to:

  • help instill confidence, especially when facing a decision and not sure what to do.
  • ignite creative energy
  • send negative energy back to where it came from
  • protect yourself from lower energies
  • ignite your spirit to help you follow your true passion

    Traveling the globe, Mehera Blum of Blumera, delves deep into the culture and innate skills of foreign lands to create one-of-a-kind hand-sculpted pieces.

    Beyond the design, incredible handcraft, vibrant colors, and exotic materials, clients often remark that there is an unusual, almost intangible, essence that is Blumera’s signature mark.

    Some call it Love.

    Mehera defines herself as a creator, and it is this magic of creation that inspires her.

    Blum states, “The inception of the design begins with a spark of inspiration, which comes to me in a visual flash, this energy must take shape and this is creativity: bringing form to living energy.”

    Though most of her pieces are handcrafted in Los Angeles, she designs and makes special pieces and collections the world over - whenever and wherever the inspirational spark is set aflame.