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So get this. We have our brother to thank for telling us about the fabulousness that is Blumera. He knows the designer, Mehera Blum, from college, and told us we simply had to interview her. And you know what? He was right. Starlets like Ashlee Simpson and Eva Mendes have been spotted carrying her gorgeous bohemian-inspired bags, so you know they've got staying power. Read on to discover how Mehera gets inspired, where she came up with the name of her line and more!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born in Boston, but grew up in Myrtle Beach and then moved back to the Northeast for boarding school and college. I went to Boston University where I received my BFA in Acting in the School of the Arts. I also studied acting in London and LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts). I traveled a lot from an early age, spending time in India and Europe.

How did you first become interested in fashion, and what led you to create your own line?
I've always loved fashion and have always looked at it as a way for one to individually express themselves. Fashion is art.

It's a very long story of how Blumera was created, but in short I was traveling through Bali and became very inspired, as I do from most of my travels.

We love the name of your line! How did you come up with it?
Thank you! Blumera is my first and last name reversed and spelled phonetically. Mehera is actually pronounced like Mera, and Blum is pronounced like Bloom.

What are some of the moments that have stood out as highlights in your career?
It's great to see people you don't know walking down the street wearing a bag that you've made. It's a very cool feeling. I make each bag with love and feel very connected to my line, so it's like seeing a little piece of me on someone I don't even know.

What is your favorite piece from your line and why?
Oh, that's a tough question! I always have a favorite. Right now I really like the blue croco Meheru Bag and the python Norina clutch. And also the blue croco Meheru clutch!

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?
It's really a delight to make the bag. I am very visual, so I can see the design in my mind's eye very clearly before we make it. So it's great to give life to the visions I have. Also I am very close with the artisans who help me to make the bags, and when I see them admire what we have just created, that is also very rewarding. And then of course it's great when the customer feels the love that the bag is made with, it always makes me smile.

What's next on the horizon for your line?
I'm doing clothing and jewelry under the Blumera label as well. Right now I have suede and leather jackets as well as silk kimonos and camisoles.

Designing handbags must be fun -- but what do you do for fun outside of being a designer?
Well if it's not already obvious, I love to travel! And I love other creative expressions. I've been a dancer since the age of two. I love music and writing. And of course I will always love acting. I look forward to the future when I will have more time to return to acting.

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When I purchased a Blumera creation, I did not expect that I would feel so moved by it as I do with my favorite paintings. These are beautiful works of art, with each piece telling a story that I became part of. The beauty and attention to detail is of course present, but there is also something transformative and inspiring - sacred, even - about their creation. I greatly value things that matter. Blumera crafts timeless, classic, and exquisitely beautiful pieces that do just that.

Tammy P.

STUNNING ~ how beautiful ~ game-changer on how one views the concept of a clutch, handbag, purse.. not just an object of convenience or a pretty accessory but an extension of one’s inner creativity and magic ~ Transforms the way we ‘protect’ all of the sensitive items such as identification. LOVE THIS

Eve M.

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