By: Annie Scott

You know when you see a celebrity carrying a great bag you'd love to have, but part of the reason you love the bag is that there isnt a huge eyesore of a label on it? So you totally don't know where to get that bag?

Well, Blumera is one of those awesome, under-the-radar designers you didn't know you'd been coveting. The bags have been seen on Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, and Paris Hilton (watch for the Norina python travel bag in her new show!), among others.

The designer, Mehera Blum, is a creative spirit whose interests include acting, dance, nature, and spirituality. She gives each of her lines of bags a proper name (like Norina, Katie, Delia), endowing them with a personality, and includes hand-carved pure silver charms bearing inspirational quotes of love on each piece.

These are truly luxury items, ranging from $890 to $4,400 (for the python travel bag; see the gallery). Each lining is hand dyed in Mehera's favorite magenta, each piece of leather hand-cut, tooled, braided, and loved.

Rumor has it she has upcoming meetings with Bergdorf's and Barney's, but for now? If you want one, you have to ask her. Browse some of the beautiful designs below (including the laptop bag for men), and read more about the line on the Blumera website!