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Quite often I call out to my mom: “where are you?” Looking for her in the world hasn’t yielded me much internal fulfillment. What fills me inside are dreams, visions, and even the dream that my sister, Shireen, had. In all of these, my mother is smiling her beautiful huge smile and there is a permeation of bliss. It’s a unique bliss – it’s my mother’s bliss. And when I am in this state all sadness disappears, and I am united with her in her bliss.

And so it is a discipline for me to RISE to this place with...


I haven’t posted a note of this kind before but hope it will mark the beginning of many notes exchanged between you & I.

I feel compelled to create this intimate sharing after going through a profound period of my life, which affected me deeply and has reshaped the way I want to explore the next chapter of my life and Blumera.

My journey has been a colorful one filled with gorgeous sunsets of orange, pink, and gold, storm clouds of purple, grey, and blue, and clear skies of light white and aquamarine. Just recently in my life I went through a particularly...